Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction: If you are an impatience person, then this site is not for you! At the beginning of the year, most nurseries buy in little plug plants, that they then pot on to sell to you: we don't. All our plants are grown by us from seeds, cuttings and division. It is just Andy and I so it takes time, and we don't have electricity, hence no heating to aid the process, so we are governed by the vagaries of the weather. Read blogs 'Sowing & Growing' for more info.

Q. Do we have to order online, or do you deliver locally?

A. We will deliver within a ten mile radius of the nursery. Just send us an email with your order. You can pay by BACS, PayPal, or Cash on Delivery.

Q. Can I visit the nursery?

A. You can visit by appointment only. Please telephone to book a slot: 07962869105

Q. Why can't I buy some of the plants listed on your website?

A. You can buy all the listed plants, but there may be seasonal variations (see above). Rather than keep checking yourself, you can phone or email us and we will inform you when the plants are ready for mail order.

Q. Why can't I buy larger potted plants online?

A. This is our first foray into mail order. We have decided to start with 9cms pots. All the plants are well-established and ready to plant out. We will consider sending larger pots but you will need to phone or email us an order.

Q. Why has my plant been cut back?

A. The plant will have been cut back to enable packaging. It will not harm the plant and can actually be beneficial. It will help produce a much sturdier and more branched habit.

Q. Why don't you buy plug plants?

A. Simple answer: we love growing our own plants. More importantly, we don't want to import diseases into the nursery, which would need chemical controls and harm the rich bio-diversity we have encouraged over the years.

Border Design for Butterflies & Bees Alresford

Border Design for Butterflies & Bees Alresford

Border Design Cheriton Cottage, Cheriton Village

Border Design Cheriton Cottage, Cheriton Village

Common Blue butterfly

Common Blue butterfly

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